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To view the cameras install ActiveX driver - Procedure

1. Download Activex file from here -- Link

2.Open zip file

3.Double click the install file



or esle set the settings manually as written below(not recomended)


Below are the instructions on how to install the active X controller on Internet Explorer for the first time that you need to view the cameras.

This has to be done only for the first login. After, everytime that you login, the following does not need to be done.:

1) Open internet Explorer

2) Press on tools and press on Internet Options

3) Press on the Security Tab

4) Press on Custom Level button

5) Scroll Down until you find Download Unsigned ActiveX controlls

6) Press and tick Allow

7) A message will tell you that you will put your computer at risk. Press yes.

8) Close all Windows and press on the CCTV direct link. This will install the ActiveX controller so that you will be able to view the cameras.

9) After you login, press on the Fix settings for me so that this will put the security settings back to default.